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Chicken with Peppers (Capsicum)

This is a wonderfully simple, rustic dish but so also tasty. It is my go to – one pot dish, when I can’t really be bothered cooking. It comes from the book Limoncello and Linenwater by Tessa Kiros. Serve it with … Continue reading

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Leftover Christmas Ham, Egg & Pea Pie with (very) Rough Puff Pastry

Well, its been over a year again and so much has happened.  But I’ve finally got a few days off and wanted to share a couple of easy recipes that I have made over the holidays. I volunteered to smoke … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork Tortillas

I did a recipe awhile ago for leftover pulled pork, which I made into risotto. Here is the pulled pork recipe from Adeline & Lumierie’s Pulled Pork Winter Tacos. With a few tweaks of course 😉 NOTE: the spice rub … Continue reading

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Lemon Pudding with Ginger and Black Pepper Tuile

I have been working nights for over 10 months now and still haven’t got used to the change. I just don’t seem to have time to do anything…… Anyway, last month I got my first dish on the menu.  We are currently serving my … Continue reading

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Vanilla Mocha Bavarois

Bavarois was one of the requirements for my second year assessment. The brief was to be a cold dessert which includes or uses; bavarois, a chocolate component, anglaise sauce and a garnish of our choice. I have included all the … Continue reading

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