Soup and Steamed Pudding Month – the story so far……

OK, so I am half way through and I have my soup quota done. I made Chicken and Sweetcorn soup tonight, so hope to have that one posted soon. Only one more to go. The steamed puddings are just not going so well.

I tried the pear and almond and to be honest, I hated the pudding. The pear part was divine. I poached a pear in Riesling, vanilla, cinnamon and star anise and then layered slices of it in the bottom of the pudding bowl, to do an upside down pudding. It looked great and tasted divine. The pudding however was made with marzipan, grated into the pudding mixture. I thought the store bought marzipan tasted “funny” – almost rancid – but I used it anyway, hoping the pudding would sort itself out. Unfortunately it didn’t and all I tasted was an awful, oily, marzipan taste, not the nice Almond taste I was expecting. So I have crossed that one off the list and moved onto another.

The coconut and raspberry was nice. I will blog the recipe soon…. unfortunately I did forget to put the coconut in…. so it was really just raspberry, but you can work it out when I publish the recipe for how it was supposed to be.

Third attempt was a lemon pudding. I love lemon, but this one was a flop as well, with a real doughy pudding, that I really didn’t enjoy. I think I used too much syrup and probably should have put the syrup over the top at the end.

So, I have scrapped the whole steamed pudding idea for now and I am moving onto cup cakes and whoopie pies instead. I will admit that both of these are also gaining mixed results, but only because I keep forgetting ingredients.

The Anise cup cakes worked a treat and were very well received by all the licorice lovers. The next batch were lemon….. did I mention I love lemon?……. almost as much as bacon…..
Again, I got side tracked and somehow forgot the baking powder and ended up with pancake-cupcakes. The idea was to squirt some lemon curd in the centre and use lemon icing. A real lemon overload. I ended up doing all that and taking the batch into work. They were all very nice and said they tasted great, but hopefully the next batch will be better. Especially if I remember all the ingredients……. I really do think I am getting alziheimer’s sometimes……

The latest success, Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. How Yum are they? The marshmallow filling was so sweet, but delicious. Next time I think I’ll do a cream cheese filling. B1 is very sad that there are none left and I didn’t have time t make more. Soon, I promise!

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