My babies have made me proud…..

The final unveiling….. or cutting, of the baby cheeses was done a couple of weeks ago and the little darlings have made me so proud. The one on the right was left out of the fridge for a week and was a little too mature (for me) as the rind was a little thick, but it had a lovely flavour.

The one on the left, we cut today and had been in the fridge the whole time. How good does it look??!! And tasted even better. Nice and creamy and a great flavour.

Now, I know that after all the effort and the cost, it really is cheaper to go down to the local supermarket and buy a $3 camembert……. but where is the fun in that! I have on my Christmas wish list a cheesemaking kit from Mad Mille. Maybe I should send a letter to Santa asking him to read my blog………

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