Getting back to basics…….


Wholeseed Mustard

Lately I seem to be getting back to basics by hand making the ingredients that go towards creating other dishes. I have had a go at cheese and sourdough, and the last week or so I have made wholeseed mustard and honeycomb.

This week it was tortillas from scratch. I was pointed to a lovely blog by Emily Fitzgerald called Adeline & Lumiere and could not help but try her pulled pork tacos.

Pulled Pork Tacos

I will say that this recipe is so easy and soooo tasty.

I love her photography and wish I was able to take shots like that. In my defence, I am usually trying to take a photo of my latest dish with someone behind my back  saying “hurry up, I’m hungry!”. To be honest, I am usually just as eager to taste as well, so it is a quick snap with the camera and then “dig in, don’t wait”.

The added bonus to the tacos was, there was a heap of pulled pork left over. Just the opportunity to make a pulled pork risotto with orange carrots and roasted baby beetroot. Stay tuned for the recipe, tasted great, but as usual, it looked like goop on a plate. Did I mention that it tasted great?



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