We can haz Chookens

We went to my parents today and B1 got the long awaited hand reared cockatiel that she had been wanting. We also finally got chickens to grow up to be egg layers.  They are all named and are from left to right

Sunday Roast
Honey Soy
Crispy Skin
and Lemon

In a month or so there will be some Frizzle chickens available. They have already been named Barbeque and Burger. We were only allowed to call the chickens these names as long as we promised we were not really going to eat them. Promise given….. no fingers crossed so the chookens are safe.

On another note, I have never seen a hypnotised chicken before but witnessed it a couple of times as B1 demonstrated on Butter and Satay for us. Squawking chickies are calm and content by simply turning them on their back and rubbing their tummies…… who’d a thought!

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