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Twice Cooked Goats Cheese Souffle

This is a favourite in our house. DB suggested he’d like a blue cheese sauce next time. I think that would work nicely as well. The wonderful thing about this recipe is you can freeze the souffle’s and have a … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Breakfast Granola

I started making this for my SIL, who tries to go gluten and dairy free where she can. Although the quinoa flakes smell awful while the granola is cooking, it tastes great. If you don’t care about gluten free you … Continue reading

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Leftover Christmas Ham, Egg & Pea Pie with (very) Rough Puff Pastry

Well, its been over a year again and so much has happened.  But I’ve finally got a few days off and wanted to share a couple of easy recipes that I have made over the holidays. I volunteered to smoke … Continue reading

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It has been awhile……. again

It’s been quite awhile since I posted 🙁 Work has been very busy, but I am moving onto a new exciting job and continuing my apprenticeship with a new restaurant that has opened up in town and it will give … Continue reading

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My First Test……………

I have been a bit busy lately with work, school and home and have a heap of recipes to blog but just haven’t quite got there. This last week I have been getting ready for my first assessment at school. … Continue reading

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