Penance Day 5…….. I made it! or did I?

Day 5 and I have fulfilled my penance and feel absolved of my transgressions. I will try harder to keep my blogging up to date and not lapse so long in the future.

Today, as promised, I want to share the cake pop experience with you. It did not go to plan but there was ……… a kind of cake ball at the end. You can learn how to make cake pops the proper way by watching OR you can learn how to make a disaster and keep reading:

Step one, whizz up a perfectly good chocolate cake into crumbs. Add some frosting (that is icing for those who don’t speak American) and whizz again until it has formed a nice gooey batter.

 Do not add too much frosting (like I did) or what happens is the balls do not set and when we went to coat them in chocolate, they were so heavy, they fell off the sticks. Hence we had cake balls and not cake pops.

Roll mixture into “rum ball” size – about a tablespoon and set on greaseproof paper in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
Melt some chocolate and dip the lollipop sticks in to get a blob on the end. Poke and twirl the sticks into the balls and then put back in the fridge until set.

When the balls are set (if you haven’t used too much frosting, otherwise they will not set and will be gooey balls), melt your white chocolate and add chocolate coloring if desired. We chose a lovely blue. NOTE: Chocolate colouring and lollipop sticks were sourced from Spotlight.

Dip and twirl your “cake balls on a stick” in the chocolate and tap gently to remove any excess chocolate. Now this is where we came unstuck, as the balls either fell off the sticks as soon as there was any weight of the chocolate, or the tapping caused them to fall off.

We managed to get one lonely ball to stay on the stick and quickly gave up and decided that cake balls were just as good as cake pops and this is the end result. Having said all that, B1 and I had a lot of fun dipping and decorating  and we were both very glad that DB was nowhere near the kitchen, as we could both imagine him saying “Bloody Hell” when he saw the mess.

The verdict: not in a hurry to make them again, happy to stick with normal cake for a bit longer but glad I gave them a try.

Day 5 down, not sure if I officially made it as I had some issues and could not post last night….. surely I am close…..

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