Triple Layer Chocolate Malteezer Cake


I wanted to make a chocolate cake with different layers and3Ccake5 flavours, but that would compliment each other. After spending a bit of time Googling “triple chocolate cake”, I decided on the following: The bottom layer is a heavy, rich Mississippi mud cake, the middle layer is a malted milk chocolate cake, with a chocolate ganache/custard in between. The top layer is a white chocolate mousse. It is all surrounded by chocolate finger biscuits and topped with malteezer® chocolates. Chocolate overload much? Nah, when is there ever too much chocolate 😉

This is best baked and partly assembled the day before, the mousse set overnight and decorated the next morning. It will go quicker if you have 2 x 22cm springform pans.


Missipippi Mud Cake from ninemsn: I made a half recipe

Chocolate Malt Cake from Bakergirl: I made a half recipe

White Chocolate Mousse: I used a 2/3 recipe

Chocolate Ganache/Custard: I made a half recipe

3 x 200g packets chocolate finger biscuits (extra to allow for broken biscuits and ones that are swiped when you are not looking….)
350g malteezers (extra to allow for broken, chipped and some for the cook)


Bake the Missipippi Mud and the Chocolate Malt Cakes and allow to cool. Put the Missippipi Mud Cake back into the springform pan (lined with baking paper) and cover with a layer of the Chocolate Ganache custard. Top with the Chocolate Malt Cake.

3Ccake1Make the white Chocolate Mousse and pour over the top, to make the third layer. Allow to set in the fridge overnight. Don’t worry if the mousse runs down the sides of the chocolate cake (as it may have shrunk a little on cooling). This is ideal, as it gives something for the chocolate finger biscuits to stick to.

3Ccake2The next morning, carefully remove the sides of the springform pan and you are ready to decorate.

Place chocolate finger biscutis around the outside and top with malteezer’s. For the final touch, wrap a ribbon around the sides and tie in a bow to stop any biscuits falling off before you are ready to demolish all that hard work.


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